Seed Cleaning & Drying


Seed-saving is easy; people have done it for thousands of years, in the process breeding all of the wonderful vegetables that we eat today. Only in the last century has it been taken over by professionals. With a little care you and all your neighbours can grow better seed than you could ever buy; ideal for your own conditions, with better germination, and growing stronger, healthier plants.

The Secret of Saving Great Seed
You want healthy seed that is true-to-type and keeps well. You need to ask yourself these questions:

• Will these plants cross with any others?
• Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? (Usually bad)
• How does this happen? (Wind? Insects?)
• What can I do to control this?

• Do I need a minimum number to get healthy seed? (e.g. do they breed as group?)
• Or do the plants live on their own and self-pollinate?
• Have I chosen the best plants for seed?

• Do I need to do anything special to the seed ?
• Is my seed well dried and well labelled?

The answers are different for each vegetable. So look in the appropriate section, and you'll know what to do. It’s all pretty easy but you do need to look it up in each case.
If this encourages you to develop your seed-saving further, try & get hold of one of the books listed on our ‘Resources’ web page , which will cover all of the vegetable species and give you fuller instructions for everything.

All you have to do: